Leveraging Relations to

Strengthen Our Economies

Change is Possible When We Are United!

Economic Growth

The Fight Against Corruption

Job Creation



The U.S. – Guatemala Business Council (USG-BC) is an organization established to strengthen relations between the United States and  Guatemala. The mission of the organization is to provide a platform for communication between business, government leaders, policymakers, academia, and civil society in the U.S. and Guatemala.



In an era of increasingly important North-South relationships, Guatemala plays a geostrategic role for U.S. National interest. A strong relationship between our countries is vital to achieve successful results towards our common goals. We aim to work together to deliver on the promise of, improving our economies, fighting corruption, job creation, strengthen border security, reduce illicit migration, improve health and education, combat drug-trafficking and organized crime, in a way that is significant, quantifiable and immediate.

Nation Building Projects

  • Economic Growth
  • The Fight Against Corruption
  • Job Creation
  • Migration Reduction
  • Stronger Institutions, Laws and Justice
  • The Reduction of Chronic Malnutrition and Poverty
  • Entrepreneurship and Investments
  • Infrastructure for Development
  • Leadership in Public Policy and Public Administration
  • Border Security
  • Energy Integration
  • Media for Development



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U.S. Guatemala Business Council
CACIF Ruta 6 9-21 Zona 4, Nivel 9
Guatemala City, Guatemala 01004

Email: info@usg-bc.org

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